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Sometimes, we have to be broken down

so that we can be rebuilt into what we’re actually meant to be.”


This quote is obviously meant to be humorous, but I love how it illustrates how small an issue needs to be for it to break something as big and significant as trust.  The inspiration for this week’s topic was an incident a few weeks ago when I tried to engage the services of a service provider and was let down by their manipulation and lack of transparency. Since the incident two things have happened:

  1. I’ve had time to properly process the incident; and while it was disrespectful; it wasn’t serious enough to warrant me using my audience’s valuable time to talk about trust being the foundation of customer service when there are far more important things to be focussing our attention on.
  2. In researching “trust”; I came across a number of quotes about trust that I found to be incredibly cynical. Which I guess makes sense, since cynicism is rooted in lack of trust.  But it made me question about how we live our lives and the quality thereof when we are hesitant to trust again.

So, this week, I want to focus on trusting again when trust has been broken.  I think we too easily become sceptical of others to the extent that we become so self-reliant and independent that we potentially close the door on attractive opportunities because we don’t want to risk deception.  Whether it be in business, friendship or love, without trust can any relationship truly reach its full potential?  Can we really unlock creativity, innovation, adventure and joy without collaboration, teamwork, community and partnership?  But, how do we achieve this when we have faced multiple incidents where our trust has been betrayed?

Watch Episode 12 of The Flying Phoenix’s Weekly Facebook Live Broadcast and find out about some of the specific steps I took.  (Due to technical issues at the time of broadcast, some of the audio isn’t clear.)

What are your thoughts?

I would love to hear from you.  What has your experience been with this topic?  Do you have some tips or strategies in addition to the one’s mentioned above?  Maybe you have a burning question?  Perhaps you have the solution to someone else’s question.

The best growth and learning comes from engagement and sharing, please comment below and share your thoughts, questions and personal experiences.


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