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“Never underestimate the power you have to take your life in a new direction.”

– Germany Kent

Congratulations on registering for the LIGHT YOUR PHOENIX FIRE Purpose Discovery Journey.  I have no doubt that this course will lead you to your life’s true calling and will enable you to take the first steps towards it.

Here are the access details to your course:

  • Login URL:
  • Username: (or your email: )
  • Password: You should have received password details separately when your account was created.  If you’ve missed the email or have forgotten your password, you can reset your password here.  (Please remember that for your and the community’s security all passwords need to be complex, i.e. minimum of 12 alphanumeric characters with at least one special character and at least one capitalised character.)

Once logged in you will find the course listed in your dashboard.  Just click on the course name to get started.  Alternatively, you can access the course here.

The course content is drip-fed over six days with a new lesson opening each day.  This gives you time to allow the daily learning to assimilate before continuing to the next lesson.  You’ll receive a daily email prompting you to the new daily lesson.  You can also access the daily lessons from your course page.

As with all journeys it’s important to start by knowing where we are coming from so that we can navigate correctly to our destination.  Understanding why we are on the journey and where the start line is, is fundamental to a safe and successful trip.  So, with this in mind, today’s part of the journey covers two lessons:

  • Introduction: In this lesson you are given a foundation of why the topic of purpose is such a critical component to living a happy and meaningful life.
  • How Bright is My Phoenix Flame? In this lesson you will take a life assessment which will give you an idea of where you are right now and which areas of your life need your attention.

Good luck on your journey; and I look forward to seeing you LIGHT YOUR PHOENIX FIRE.

Big Phoenix Love